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Our Programs
"Behind every child who believes in themselves, is a daycare teacher who believed in them first".


The infant room is organized with educational and age-appropriate toys, books, games, and materials. Through groups and one-on-one instructions, our infants are engaged in sensory activities, small and large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive and language development. We also begin sign language in this group. During circle time, our infants are introduced to basic colors, shapes, books, sing along songs and more. The program works around each individual’s schedule and needs, and a digital daily report with information regarding your child’s meals, diaper changes, naps, and other activities is provided.


Children who transition into this room are focused on developing social skills. This includes making friends, sharing and handling emotions. Through groups and one-on-one instructions, they also work on their motor skills, cognitive/language development, shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet & more. A digital daily report is provided in this class as well. 

Preschool 3

In this room we build the foundation our students will rely on for the rest of their lives. Although through groups and one-on-one instructions they continue to work on their cognitive/language development, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, motor skills, etc., it is important that our children at this age start to display sympathy, empathy, manners and independence. Therefore, this room focuses on social-emotional development (the ability to manage feelings and impulses), interpersonal skills (skills used to interact and communicate with others) and independence (developing life skills and encouraging them to think for themselves).

Pre-K 4

Students in this group focus on preparing for kindergarten. Children are expected to become increasingly independent and responsible.  Through groups and one-on-one instructions, our children are engaged in hands-on activities that will continue to promote and challenge their academic, fine and gross motor skills, as they concentrate on furthering their knowledge and advancing their skills in all the topics previously learned. 

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Before and After
School Program

This program focuses on a developmentally appropriate before and after school program for school age children 6-13 years old.


We plan, organize and implement fun educational activities that match students’ interests and assist students with homework.


This program also offers holidays and/or school break care, as well as daily drop-in. 

Summer Program

We have a wonderful Summer Program filled with fun and excitement.

This includes water play,

in-house guests (Eyes of the Wild, Mad Science Interactive Science Show, Dennis Thomas Interactive Magic Show, Mr. Ray Interactive Live Music Show, NJ Bubble Parties Show), Little Racer Party Rentals, Mechanical Rides, The Little Gym, Fun Bus, Water Slide Bouncy House, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Field Day, Nature Walks, and more.

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