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Welcome to
Stanworth School

Welcome to Stanworth School!

We are a state licensed, non-chain preschool that has been established in South Brunswick for over 40 years. If you feel lost in one of those 100+ "super" centers, not knowing one teacher or child from the next, then you can count on us. 

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate practices and affordable childcare in a safe and nurturing environment for our children. Our children will learn at their own pace and treated equally with their individual needs in mind.  

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to create a nurturing environment while displaying professionalism and knowledge in providing the best care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. We will be recognized as the caring, understanding and competent Educators, offering exceptional educational programs and positive community relationships.  


Children learn best in a nurturing and play-based/hands-on environment. We, as Educators, reinforce their self-confidence, trust, independence, creativity, and acceptance of diversity. We establish positive interactions with each child as an individual, focusing on one-on-one instructions to uniquely assist on the progress of each child’s social/ emotional and academic abilities. We help all children achieve their full potential across all domains
of development, while keeping in mind that one size does not fit all. 

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